Friday, March 1, 2013

The Patriotic Zombie and Inspiration from Image Generators

I used to make the picture (and GIMP
To even things out a bit.)
Yay, a new blog post for Penumbra! This was the image (I made) that I had hoped would go with the article, but some things just don't work out. The link and an excerpt from the article are below.

The Patriotic Zombie: by Kristen Saunders.

Super Bowl Sunday is about as American as you can get. As I sit watching the commercials and writing this story (a few...

I noticed another grammatical mistake I didn't catch before my post went live. Urgh, nothing quite as frustrating as missing things! I quickly glanced at the bottom of the page and realized that I had written, "A bit (of) mindless entertainment," the "of" plainly missing in this particular sentence.

Hair pulling induced by grammar aside, I really need to think about something new to write about. I don't think Space Opera's are going to be a good subject for me, as the earlier post mentioned. So maybe I should try to find something else to talk about, like art and writing. How one influences the other. I always enjoy creating art as much as writing; I often do them together.

Some art, like the picture above, is done with cool apps online. I also did a pulp science fiction cover for one of my older story ideas, Dreida, today on an app called Pulp-O-Mizer. The generated picture is below.

I have another picture of my hand drawn cover art for this story. It's a little more sentimental, but not nearly as crisp or professional looking. I think these silly online apps can be inspiring and I hope those reading have some fun with them.

Happy Writings and Creation!

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